If any members have images from the PADOS photoshoot they would like to share with them please upload them to the dropbox link by clicking on the picture on the left.
Please try to size them to print at A4 if possible.
If you have any prints to pass on please bring them to the club for forwarding.

The 2023 competiton season ends!

Well done to Eileen and Adam who have between them taken the league trophies for 2023. Although Eileen never quite managed a win in the DPI section (there were six different winners during the year) her consistent ''always the bridesmaid'' runner up style triumphed in the end by a single point. Adam on the other hand won three of the six comps in the print section, to win the section by 9 points, and this combined with consistently high marks in the DPI section gained him overall winner status, a clear 32 points ahead of his competitors.

It was an exciting season, and I vote that we do it all again next year!